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Ethics At Work in Bowdoin

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In today’s world how often do we think about ethics in Bowdoin? It seems such a common term and an often thought of concept but is it realistic in the modern workplace - especially in Bowdoin?  We often hear “win at all cost!”  “If your best isn’t good enough, find a way to win”, “ Second place is not good enough”. The cliches are common and yet do not stack up biblically. The biblical standard is much tougher when it comes to competition on the job in Bowdoin. What should become the primary characteristic?


It often seems easy to take a shortcut when you have a sales goal to reach, the capability to create the illusion of completing a task and hide the truth or make someone feel better with a “little white lie” to make someone feel better about an uncompleted task or skimp on a promised standard.

People will go a long way to save money and justify the shortcuts. Sometimes I have even heard people justify their action by saying “everybody in Bowdoin does it so why make a big deal of my action”. The bible deals with the problem in a direct manner”


*Proverbs 11:3. “The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them” (ESV, 2007).



Business Ethics by Nelu B Business Ethics by Nelu Burcea and Ion Croitoru explores questions about Bowdoin business ethics. The primary question they explore is  “Could Bowdoin Business and Ethics be compatible? “This article addresses the ethical principles essential in business. It addresses the fundamental values that can make a difference in today’s business environment all across Bowdoin. The two most important ethical values the book explores are 1. Business Loyalty 2. Integrity.


Neither of these concepts should be lost to professing Bowdoin Christians in the workplace, but there must be a hierarchy between the two. The most important objectives for believers must be to exemplify and demonstrate Integrity. Business Loyalty is important but it must always remain secondary element of any transaction. The old testament laid the groundwork standard for business thousands of years ago: “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another” *Leviticus 19:11 (ESV, 2007).


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Journal of Public Administration, Finance and Law, 12/2014, Volume 3, Issue 6.


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How to never work another day in your life: fall in love with what you do, believe in what you're doing, strive to continuously improve.
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Ethics At Work in Bowdoin

Ethics At Work in Bowdoin
Primary standards and the role of ethics in the Bowdoin workplace. Learn about the hierarchy of ethics, discipline of ethics in the Bowdoin workplace. Learn how to work with biblical principles on the job in Bowdoin....